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  • Crystal Roller Shutter
Crystal Roller Shutter

Crystal Roller Shutter

 The Crystal Roller Shutter sets new benchmarks for transparent shutters by offering many super benefits that make it superior to other products of its kind, as well as its competitive cost. The crystal roller shutter is made up of transparent links of top-grade polycarbonate materials - the same type of metal sheeting used in making bullet-proof glass - plus specially reinforced stainless steel / aluminum alloy tubes.


Product Specifications



*Meet international standard. 

*Greatly improved resistance against heavy impact, due to the unique round-shouldered design of all the connecting edges of shutter links.

*Significantly reduces discoloration and minimizes the aging and yellowing effects of UV on indoor furniture and fixtures as well as display products.

*The polycarbonate shutter slats are 10 times more thermal-resistant than glass, creating huge energy savings.

*Crystal-clear transparency that ensures visual security.

*All or part of the shutter curtain can be replaced, re-structured and re-used in a very environmentally friendly way.

*An exceptionally smooth surface that is easy to clean and rust-resistant.

*Customers may choose motorized, two-way motorized or manual operation.