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spider curtain wall

spider curtain wall

 The Point Supported Curtain Wall, also can be called as Spider Curtain Wall by different area clients, it is a type of non-frame
curtain wall that consists of glass panels, point-supported components and supported structures.
Type of Point Supported Curtain Wall
Tension Truss (with cables) Type;
Tension Truss (with rods) Type;
Steel Truss Type;
Glass Fin Type;
Main advantages  of  Point Supported Curtain Wall:
1. Strong transparent sense of the whole curtain wall, simple and kinds of  supported system to meet different requirements
 for architects and owners.
2. The special metallic texture of stainless steel cables, rods and other elements highlights the unique structural aesthetic
feeling with a strong decorative effect.
3. The accuracy and quality easily to be guaranteed based on system technology and manufacturing processes are well-
developed and  reliable.
Product Specifications
*Certificated ISO,AS,NZS ,CE, SGCC etc.
*Variety of Systems, 312,,316 stainless steel structure.
*Variety of glazing options available, including single, double , triple , reflective, low-e and etc.
*Backed by our 5 years guarantee.